Today is the day!

Before I started living my best life I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I never felt rested or rejuvinated in the mornings and getting out of bed was my least favorite part of the day. After reading posts from my beautiful friends, fitness enthusiasts, and healthy living connoisseurs about how great they felt and how energized they were thanks to an amazing health and wellness system, I ran into one of them in person and saw for myself the glow in her face and how HEALTHY and HAPPY she really is!

I've tried it all - counting calories, portioning my meals, weight loss pills, magic elixirs, you name it. Even though I enjoy exercising I was never motivated to do it, or I was too exhausted to think about doing it. Dieting was a miserable chore to me, my appetite was never satisfied, I wasn't getting the appropriate nutrition to fuel my body, and most importantly, I was grumpy ALL THE TIME!

I’ve only been using the system for six days and my life has already changed DRAMATICALLY. I wake up refreshed and excited to take on the day. I look lighter, my clothes fit better, I feel lighter, and I can not stress just how truly AMAZING I feel every single day, all day long.

"If you're searching for that one person that will change your life,
take a look in the mirror"

I’d love to share this wonderful new life with all of you!!! You deserve to live your best life - YOU ARE WORTH IT - who's ready to look their best and feel even better!!?!

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Question time

There hasn't been a post in quite a while that hasn't been a weigh-in or chart update, so I'm going to do one...

What is one thing that you've learned in your weight loss journey that you wish someone would have clued you into or you wish you had known sooner?

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Okay, so I have this monthly issue and I have yet to find a way to overcome it...

In the days leading up to Aunt Flo/Shark Week/Whatever you like to nickname it, my brain decides that I need to eat everything in sight even if I'm not actually hungry or I just had what should be a very satisfying meal. I usually try my best to ignore it, but I usually am only distract myself for so long until it usually takes over and I'm eating.

Now I kinda understand its likely that my body craves extra food right before my period because it needs it, but its getting a bit ridiculous. And it doesn't help that I seem to have a DGAF attitude for no apparent reason at times leading to TOM, so I don't always work-out and so I feel all out of balance when it happens.
Does anyone else suffer from this or has suggestions that has helped for them?

I'm not on the pill(not active currently and not a easy option to access), take a women's daily multi-vitamin and drink Shakeology(so I don't think I low on any vitamins), and I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking Evening Primrose oil. I'm loosely following the nutrition plan for 21 Day Fix, so I'm eating the right foods.
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How do you handle being sick?

Hi weight_comp friends, I have a question for you. I struggle maintaining a workout schedule when I'm sick, and I also struggle with eating healthily. I am battling a sinus infection with every tool I have and it's kicking my butt! Sometimes with a mild cold or bad allergies, a workout will leave me feeling better, but not always.

So how do you handle being sick? Do you work out when you're sick?

21 Day Fix results

Someone asked that I share my results from doing 21 Day Fix...

So here I am sharing...

First, I am a Beachbody Coach(so I sell their products while being a coach to my customers... basically I support those who buy the products through me) and 21 Day Fix is a Beachbody product. I used Beachbody products for a couple of years before I took the leap and decided to try helping others as a coach.

so 21 Day Fix is a 21 Day Fitness and nutrition program that I can sum up as clean eating using portion control containers and a different 30 minute exercise program for every day of the 21 days.

I will say that I didn't 100% use the dvds because I was already committed to Insanity Max 30, but I did try out some of the workouts just to see what my group was doing.

So here are my results...
in 21 days, I went from 121.4 lbs to 118.6 lbs and my body fat dropped from 20.6% to 19.8%.

I absolutely loved the nutrition program! For a long time, I just assumed I was eating healthy because I watched what I ate and always picked the healthier options. But I feel so much better now and I believe its because of what I'm eating now. I hate dieting, but this is not dieting... at times, I was so stuffed at the end of the day trying to get all of my portions in. It was the first "diet" where I didn't feel like I was denying myself food.

I feel slimmer and less bloated in general. When I do cheat, I feel a little blah and the cheat meal really wasn't worth it because I just feel a little off until I start eating according to 21 day Fix again. I'll admit that in the beginning, there was a definite learn curve and it was hard to figure out how to plan everything I needed to eat within my day. But now, its easy for me and it takes very little planning... I do have to think about my grocery list a bit and make sure I'm stocked up on my essentials. Its something that I actually want to continue for the long term! This week is kinda my off week... I'm still eating according to 21 Day Fix, but I've probably indulged a bit more than I should. However, next week, I'll start my 2nd round of 21 Day Fix.

I'm excited to see what another round will bring me...
I'm not looking for the scale to change, but I'm looking forward to seeing how my body changes as I stick to eating according to 21 Day Fix for longer. There were seriously some mornings where I would wake up and look in the mirror to see the potential for ab definition(under the loose skin of course), but to have a flat stomach where as before a lot of the times, I felt like I could never get rid of the pooch.

The scale doesn't tell the whole story...

So I want to share something with the group and I thought that making a new entry would be the best way to do so...

As you may or may not know, I've been doing the Focus T25 workout program off and on for quite a while now. Well Friday i officially finished it and so I had to take my measurements and I used the fancy settings on my scale(buying a fancier scale to replace my simple scale was the best decision ever!).

On February 18th, I weighed 121 lbs and yesterday i weighed exactly the same! I was like wait a second, I know I do not look exactly the same as I did in February because others are noticing.
Here's what changed...
Body Fat %: 21.9% to 20.4%
Muscle: 54.8 lbs to 56.8 lbs.

I basically replaced 2 lbs of fat with two lbs of muscle!!!!
I also lost a 1/2 inch here and a inch there. My quads have shrank, but then they grew almost a inch each.

So don't rely on only the scale number...
take measurements and progress pictures because even if the scale doesn't show it, you could be losing fat and gaining muscle!

And I'm always open to adding more people to my journal, if you are interested...
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Midweek check-in

How's everybody doing? I'm know it's only Tuesday but I felt the need to have a check in post :)

What's going well for you this week? What are you enjoying?

What's challenging for you?

I'll start off in the comments...