redheadedrebel (redheadedrebel) wrote in weight_comp,

Okay, so I have this monthly issue and I have yet to find a way to overcome it...

In the days leading up to Aunt Flo/Shark Week/Whatever you like to nickname it, my brain decides that I need to eat everything in sight even if I'm not actually hungry or I just had what should be a very satisfying meal. I usually try my best to ignore it, but I usually am only distract myself for so long until it usually takes over and I'm eating.

Now I kinda understand its likely that my body craves extra food right before my period because it needs it, but its getting a bit ridiculous. And it doesn't help that I seem to have a DGAF attitude for no apparent reason at times leading to TOM, so I don't always work-out and so I feel all out of balance when it happens.
Does anyone else suffer from this or has suggestions that has helped for them?

I'm not on the pill(not active currently and not a easy option to access), take a women's daily multi-vitamin and drink Shakeology(so I don't think I low on any vitamins), and I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking Evening Primrose oil. I'm loosely following the nutrition plan for 21 Day Fix, so I'm eating the right foods.
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