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25 April 2015 @ 09:23 pm
Not trying to spam.... Just wanted to share in case anyone is interested!! Hope this is ok. I just discovered this guy's book and am giving it a shot, as this diet plan / lifestyle change seems to make a lot of sense.

Check out my new community, nutritarianism :)

Discussion, tips, and support for nutritarian eating.

Dr. Fuhrman coined the word "Nutritarian" to describe his recommended diet which concentrates on eating the most micronutrient rich foods.

What is Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet?

Simply put, a Nutritarian diet is a way of eating which bases food choices on maximizing the micronutrients per calorie. A Nutritarian diet is designed with food that has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and delivers a broad array of micronutrients via a wide spectrum of food choices. It is not sufficient to merely avoid fats, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods. A truly healthful Nutritarian diet must be micronutrient rich and the micronutrient richness must be adjusted to meet individual needs. The foods with the highest micronutrient per calorie scores are green vegetables, colorful vegetables, and fresh fruits. For optimal health and to combat disease, it is necessary to consume enough of these foods that deliver the highest concentration of nutrients.

A Nutritarian diet is guided by nutritional quality.

read more about Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations, and the nutritarian diet, at:


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22 April 2015 @ 02:21 pm

Sorry that my last question was a bit intense...

Okay the question for this week...
are there any foods that you have discovered since you started your journey that you can't believe you actually enjoy or kinda wonder why you didn't try it sooner??

17 April 2015 @ 02:12 pm

Sorry, I've been out of town on vacation, but here's a question for you...

What made you finally decide that enough was enough and it was time to commit to getting healthier? Did something happen that caused you to decide to lose weight?

02 April 2015 @ 01:31 pm

Sorry it's a little late this week... I was drawing a blank on what to ask.

What supplements if any, do you take as a part of your weight loss and/or healthy lifestyle?
And reasoning behind why you take what you take (if you feel like sharing that).

I know that the general idea is that it's best to get all your vitamins and such from food, but since that can be hard at times, so supplementing can help.

25 March 2015 @ 03:40 pm

What are your top 5 must have food staples?
Foods that you always keep stocked up on.

22 March 2015 @ 01:01 pm

Please post your weight as of today, Sunday March 22nd, in the comments below. Please remember to add whether you met your goal (if you set one).

18 March 2015 @ 07:10 pm

As usual, please let me know if anything needs fixing.
15 March 2015 @ 10:27 am
Good morning! =)

Please post your weight as of today, Sunday March 15th, in the comments below. Please remember to add whether you met your goal (if you set one).

So, how did this week go? Anything exciting happening this coming week?
11 March 2015 @ 09:28 pm

What are your weight loss goal rewards?

I know it's popular to set rewards for when you hit certain weight loss milestones, so do you do this? If so, what are your rewards for hitting certain weight loss milestones?