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Weight_comp: a Challenge Community
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Challenge-based weight-loss community.

Weight-loss is a Challenge;
And we want to provide a fun environment in which to motivate yourself to lose weight. Entering into competition with others can be a big motivator in weight-loss journeys. Almost every two months a new Challenge will be started. Everyone is welcome to join a challenge up to the third week. The goal is to provide a shiny medium to help you achieve your goals.

Once you join introduce yourself to the gang!


1. No attacking other members. No derogatory language and keep swearing to a minimum.
2. We are not supporters of eating disorders. Please refrain from those kinds of posts/comments. If your goal weight puts you into the category of underweight (a BMI of 18.5 or under) your submission to the challenge will not be accepted. Idealization of unhealthy weights and/or unhealthy dieting will also prevent your inclusion in the community charts.
3. To keep the tracking of the Fancy Chart consistent please update every week if possible, but if you cannot do that just post as frequently as you can. However, if you have not updated in 3 weeks straight you will be removed from the chart until your next update. This is to keep the chart consistent and relevant to the active members.
4. Don't take it too seriously, and have fun!

Current Challenge;

Spring into Summer 2014

Do you need some support carrying out your goal of weight-loss? Share your troubles and achievements with us as you participate in our 8-week challenges. Our challenges have Sunday weekly weigh-ins that create accountability and charts and graphs are made of these and posted.
Join the community and share in some competitive spirit!
Our challenges are open to all community members and late-comers (up to the third weigh-in) are always welcome!

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